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meet our best tipsters

Best Tennis Tipster


AGE: 28


Ardeal came to us after we discovered his profit making exploits on another reputable Tipping site (Betting Kingdom). Ardeal started to offer Premium Picks in the summer of 2015 and quickly became one of our most prized assets. In 2015 alone he put up £5,080.75 in profit for our members despite only winning 43.75% of his bets. In 2016 we seen no slowdown in performance as he again put up very healthy numbers recording £6,055.55 which equated to a 12.5% ROI.

Ardeal has an unhealthy obsession with Tennis, thankfully for us that means he can smell value a mile away, with our tennis expert you’re in safe hands to make a profit year in year out.

Ardeal has had 12 Bet365 accounts shut down for consistently beating them on Tennis.

  • Ivo Karlovic
  • Roger Federer
  • Rajeev Ram
Best Football Tipster


AGE: 32


Neil was one of the founding members of Bookie Insiders and brings with him his experience from working with some of Europe’s biggest Sportsbooks. Football has long been one of the toughest nuts to crack for bettors around the world, however, since 2013, he can boast a more than respectable ROI of 7.3% that covers 2658 total Tips. If had you followed each of his Tips with a €50 single stake strategy you would be €10,200 richer today.

Upon turning 18 Neil executed his first ever (legal) bet which was a €2,000 trade on the almost unheard of Betfair exchange. He locked in a €600 profit that day.

“€2,000 on Atletico Madrid to win La Liga in 14/15. I backed them at the start of the season at 40/1.”

  • Atletico Madrid
  • Real Betis
  • Juventus
  • Dortmund
Best Boxing Tipster


AGE: 32


Rob caught our eye in 2015 with his impressive analysis of UFC fights. Rob has been obsessed with the fight game for over a decade which, coupled with his years of experience and knowledge of sports betting, has allowed him to make consistent yearly profit betting on combat sports. Since joining us last year, Rob has posted the most impressive ROI amongst all the team.

As 2017, Rob has posted 233 Bets with a total profit of €5,000 profit for £50 bettors (+100 units) with a 17.2% ROI. 

Rob has studied the fight game since he was a teenager and watches hours of tape on every fighter on every card he bets on. As a great man once said, “the harder I work, the luckier I get” – this certainly rings true for our MMA & Boxing expert.

“Holly Holm to beat Ronda Rousey at 10/1 + a live KO prop on Holm. I walked away with £4,200 after that fight.”

  • Mike Tyson
  • Anderson Silva
Best Golf Tipster


AGE: 36


Ian has worked for three major betting firms as a Golf trader in the UK and Ireland and is currently a professional gambler who earns a living from betting. Ian built a Golf model from the ‘Top 20’ market with a sample size of over 3000 bets that has yielded an ROI of 35% over two years

As 2017, Rob has posted 233 Bets with a total profit of €5,000 profit for £50 bettors (+100 units) with a 17.2% ROI. 

Ian has had over 200 accounts restricted or closed

Padraig Harrington at 81.0 to win the British Open in 2008. He was defending his title that year but a week before he “injured” his wrist. The market overreacted and he subsequently drifted massively in price on the exchanges. I had £200 win only to win £12000. There is a saying in Golf “Beware the injured Golfer”. A great piece of betting wisdom that I will certainly never forget!.

The “Iceman” Henrik Stenson. He was rightly described as the “best player without a major” for many years until he won the 2016 British Open in superlative fashion.