Our Elite Team

Our Elite team

Neil - Football

Neil has been a professional bettor since dropping out of University to pursue his dream back in 2003, On Top of being a pro bettor, Neil has also held roles at some of the biggest Bookmakers in the UK and Ireland. From years of betting professionally and working within the industry, Neil is the right man to trust when it comes to placing your Football bets. He has also provided a betting service on Bookie Insiders for six years maintaining a profitable record every single year Speciality: European Football, International Football

Carlos - Tennis

Carlos is a Data Scientist from Grenada in Spain. He has a passion for Tennis and in particular Tennis betting. Carlos will look to bet from ATP/WTA and Challenger events in any match where his Elo model finds a +EV (value) bet. Carlos maintains a long-term positive ROI from his bets over the past 4 years but is always evolving his model to stay ahead of the game.

Andrew NFL

Andrew is our NFL specialist, the die-hard Redskins fan has been a key part of the team since posting consecutive +20 unit seasons on the NFL back when he started offering his services for Bookie Insiders. If there’s a line that’s off or value to be had Andrew will sniff it out.

Ian - Golf

Ian has worked with several firms in Europe as an Odds compiler for Golf and is here to pass on his knowledge to Bookie Insiders members. Ian concentrates on a Top 10 finish model. Generally each week we will bet on between 10-20 selections usually priced at around 10/1 or bigger as we Dutch the market for long-term profits. Speciality: Golf markets. Winner, Top 10, Top 20 specifically.