Spotting a Fraud Tipster

Spotting a Fraud Tipster

Spotting a Fraud Tipster

Markets with a high Over-round

There are some markets professional gamblers never touch and these include Correct-score, First/Last Goalscorer, Scorecasts and Half time/ Full Time Bets. Why you ask? The Overround is ridiculously high because they know “mug” punters want to place these kinds of bets and take advantage of larger odds

Constantly tipping whatever is on next

Don’t keep faith in someone that is constantly tipping the next match, this is classic gambling addict behavior from someone who probably has based his decision on the teams last few results without doing any in-depth research.

If you notice they are Tipping something else as soon as the previous tip ends walk away. this is the quickest way to the poor house.

Pro’s should be meticulous with their tips and not be afraid to wait for the right bet to come.

Every Tip has an affiliate link attached

Tipsters will often offer a Tip with an affiliate link attached. This is done because they will get a fee for every customer that deposits using their affiliate link. If you notice a link with every single Tip you have reason to be suspicious, they are probably more concerned with getting their affiliate money than winning Bets

You need a Bet365/Certain Bookmaker account to follow their Tips

I see this all the time from accounts claiming to be Tipsters, they just want you to sign up to get their referral bonus and put little to no effort has gone into researching the game. Use Oddsportal to check the odds for game and make sure you’re taking the best odds available. For most games you’ll get at least 20+ books quoting odds

They Don’t track all their Bets or show Profit/Loss

Most Tipsters out there are more concerned with screaming about their latest winner rather than showing us how consistent they are. If you start following a new Tipster always ask if you can see their results if they shy away they probably have something to hide. Another new trend we’ve noticed is Tipsters “starting fresh” and removing their P/L after a bad run. This is another red flag, and you should consider moving on.

What’s the point of trusting a Tipster that doesn’t keep a record of everything? The only way to judge a Tipster is over an extended timeline with verified results. Any Tipster that manages to produce profits over the course of a year should be trusted. We of course track all our Members Tips on our results page.

 They don’t give you the biggest price (odds) available

Sites like and are an absolute must in any gamblers Arsenal. If you don’t have multiple accounts and aren’t availing of the best prices you’re leaving yourself short. Sure you can say a “Win is a Win” but over the course of the year your balance will look a lot healthier if you’re taking the best price each time. The differene might only be £2 but they all add up at the end of the year

They run £10-1000 Challenges

These are usually a bunch of short 1/5(1.2) “Tips” that should win. The idea is that you lump all your winnings on to the next selection until you hit the desired amount. The problem is this is very risky and you’re likely to lose 95% of the time

Adding teams to the C**t list

This one always amuses us, Tipsters not accepting that losers are inevitable but instead deciding never to bet on a said team again as they “Let them down” any intelligent bettor will know there’s no place in the betting world for superstitions or betting with your Gut.

Is your Tipster knowledgeable?

Don’t be afraid to ask your Tipster why they’re taking a particular selection. After a while you’ll figure out if your guy knows what he’s doing or not. Believe it or not I’ve seen Tipsters relying solely on Head to Head stats for their Tips!

Responsible gambling

Does your Tipster have a Bankroll strategy to ensure you’re betting what you can afford? We advise members to start with a betting bank (Money you can afford to lose) and then stake between 2-3% per bet to ensure we’ll have the upper edge in the long-term and not blow our banks even during the worst losing streaks.

Want to see what legitimate Tipping service looks like? Sign up for one of our Packages HERE