5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

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5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

5 Tips for successful Sports Betting


Forget about your Ego

You will win some bets. You will lose some bets. You will have winning runs. And you will have losing runs. This will absolutely happen, don’t get emotional if you hit a few losers in a row and see your betting balance drop.

Nobody likes losing, especially when it’s your own hard earned cash being lost.

Losing in this way is something that all successful bettors must learn to deal with.

No, it’s not easy. But it is a fact of life for successful long-term betting. There is no place for ego. If you can’t learn to lose, then the dangers of erratic betting strategy await you.

Reality Check

Sports Betting is not a get rich quick scheme like some Movies seem to make out, this is a long-term grind where we have to find the small margins in markets to give ourselves a small long-term edge. For example, with our Football and Tennis bets, we have logged 7,981 bets with a total stake of $380,286 stake for a return of $28,813 over the last 4-5 years

If you can stick to your sound betting strategies and not let emotions take over you too can be on the positive side of betting markets long-term but don’t have any illusions, this is hard work that requires a lot of your time.

Bet within your means

We’re always talking about this but it really is vitally important, if you’re betting with money that you can’t afford to lose you are going to make rash decisions when you inevitably hit that losing streak. Start with a betting bank of money you expect to lose. It doesn’t matter what system you’re following or if the Tipster you chose to follow is on a hot streak. Losers will come and how you react will determine your long-term success

Don’t just trust your instinct

People, in general, are pretty poor when it comes to dealing with probability which is why so many bookmakers and Casinos make huge profits year on year and why so many punters lose money consistently. If you don’t have a basic understanding of Probability and Math you should not be betting in the first place.

Some excellent resources for beginners who don’t understand Expected value (+EV) can be found here at Pinnacle Sports or you can watch this video from Betting Expert

Trends aren’t always friends

I see it so much with new Tipsters and Bettors, you find a team that’s on a winning streak or scoring for fun and you bet them to win with a disregard for the odds. You’re certain that this team has been playing so well that they must win their next game by a huge margin. The price or probability doesn’t matter because you’re so sure that this team can’t lose.

At a very basic level this teams form and goalscoring has been priced in by the bookmaker when the odds are first listed, If you want to profit long term you are going to have to dig a lot deeper than just basing your bets of recent form and teams head to head records.


  • Nothing is guaranteed in betting, no matter what anyone tells you
  • A lot of hard work and patience is required to make money from Sports Betting
  • Reduce the emotional impact by adjusting your bankroll sensibly

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