best tipsters for multiple sports

At Bookie Insiders, we have assembled the best tipsters for Football, Tennis, Boxing and Golf and have been providing the Public with value bets since the Summer of 2013 and after a total of +7,500 bets, we have a strong trend of delivering a steady return on investment for our clients.

Football Profit

assuming €50 per unit

Tennis Profit

assuming €50 per unit

MMA Profit

assuming €50 per unit

GOLF Profit

assuming €50 per unit




Yearly Package Available
  • Tips for Europe's Top 5 Leagues and all International competitions
  • In-depth analysis with every recommended bet
  • Bankroll management strategy
  • +€10,500 profit from single €50 stakes since 2013
  • Specialise in Asian Handicap and Total Goal markets
24.99 / month


Yearly Package Available
  • We cover all major events including Challenger and ITF events
  • Average yearly profit €5,500 (+110 units)
  • Bankroll management strategy
  • Long-term winner. +10.5% ROI
  • Average odds of selections is 4/1(5.00)
29.99 / month


Yearly Package Available
  • Tips for all major UFC/MMA and Boxing events
  • In-depth fight breakdown and analysis with every recommended bet
  • Bankroll management strategy
  • Long-term winner +17.6% ROI
  • +€5,100 profit since the start of 2016
19.99 / month


Yearly Package Available
  • Tips for all major European and US Tour events
  • Our model covers the 'Top 20' market only. All Tips are released on Wednesday.
  • Bankroll management strategy
  • Since launching we've posted a 36% ROI (+52.5 units)
  • Average odds per selection 8/1 (9.17)
34.99 / month


Best Football Tipster
Football Tipster
  • Ex-Industry professional and Football expert specialising in European and International football.
  • 12 years experience working in the industry with various betting firms and providing Tips for 5 years.
  • Over 3000 bets tracked on 3rd party site with a 7% ROI (+€11,200)
  • Specializes in Asian Handicap and Total goal markets.
  • All Tips available with most bookmakers
Best Tennis Tipster
Tennis Tipster
  • Joined from BettingKingdom.com. Prior to joining us, he was their top rated Tennis expert.
  • Highest profit yield of any sport (+€16,500) with a 10.5% ROI
  • No.1 ranked Tipster on Tipster review website casualgambler.net
  • Expert value finder, average odds are 4/1 (5.00)
  • 3 consecutive years of +100 units
Best Boxing Tipster
Boxing Tipster
  • Two back to back years of profit since joining the team.
  • +95 units (15.39% ROI)
  • 2.29 average odds
  • Rob is obsessed with combat sports and generally watches around 20 hours of tape before deciding on his bets for an event.
  • Rob has received a 95% quality score for his service when reviewed by popular Tipster review website casualgambler.net
Best Golf Tipster
Golf Tipster
  • Ian is the newest member of our team, who came to us with a Golf model for the Top 20 market in Golf tournaments
  • Through 3 Months with Ian, we’ve seen him post impressive +82 units of profit with a 36% ROI
  • Ian is also an ex-industry pro who has worked as a Golf trader for Multiple UK bookmakers.
  • Ian is a specialist in finding value too, the average price of his selections is 10.67