US Presidential Race

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US Presidential Race

US Presidential Race

US Presidential race – Tips

Front Runners

Hillary Clinton 2.00 (Evens)

Donald Trump 5.5 (9/2)

Bernie Sanders 8.5 (15/2)

Marco Rubio 11.0 (10/1)

Ted Cruz 17.0 (16/1)

Jeb Bush 19.0 (18//1)

Michael Bloomberg 41.0 (40/1)

Why we don’t see Hillary winning the Presidential race

After looking like a sure thing last year, Hilary’s popularity has started to slide. in her first two contests (Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries) she lost in New Hampshire (Sanders 60.1%) and narrowly won in Iowa (49.9 %).

Young Democratic voters so far prefer Bernie Sanders to her by a huge margin – 76 % to 24% among those under 30 in New Hampshire, while in Iowa Bernie Sanders was supported by a massive 84% of 18-29 year olds.

Americans desperately want change, Clinton does not bring anything new to the table.



He’s not running a real campaign, and is receiving no support from Super PAC’s. Trump is getting a lot of air time because of the stupid things he’s saying. The media of course are picking it up and making it seem like he’s an actual candidate. The truth is he doesn’t even want the job, this all just one big PR campaign for him.

Expect Trump to drop out of the race very soon.

Trump also lost the Iowa preliminary to Ted Cruz.


Michael Bloomberg (*Update* – Bloomberg has announced he won’t run)

Those that have been following us for a while know that we backed him at 400/1 to be the next President (Current odds are 40/1) but why do we feel he has a chance?

  1. He was the mayor of New York for 3 terms.
  2. He has a financial background and a huge amount of wealth to run a successful campaign.
  3. Respected Hedge Fund manager Bill Ackman predicts he will run and win in 2016.
  4. He’s on the brink of announcing that he’ll be running.
  5. Michael Bloomberg Is Worth Seven Times More Than All The Candidates Combined.

Our Betting Picks

Gender of winner (Male) 1.93 with Betfair

Winning Party – Republicans at 2.39 with Matchbook

Democratic candidate – Bernie Sanders at 4.5 with Skybet


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