Month in review

October Review


Our Football service continued its consistency delivering an 11.81% return in October. This was in no short part down to our huge success in La Liga, Serie A, and the Europa League.


Month in review


  • Bets 46 (Won 23)
  • Profit +€283.5 (+5.67 units)
  • ROI 11.81%


Tennis is again proving to be Bookie Insiders most profitable sport with three back to back +€1,000 months. August and September yielded us a total of +€3844.40 (+22.08% ROI). Our Tennis expert @Insiderstennis is now well on his way to posting his 3rd consecutive +€5,000 (+100 unit) year.

Month in review


  • Bets: 134 (Won 54)
  • Profit: +€1,195 (+23.9 units)
  • Average odds: 3.65 (We will always have a lower win % on Tennis because of the higher odds)
  • ROI 19.23%


US Sports

We have had a disappointing month but we are hoping to rebound soon; our NBA results are looking positive.

Month in review


  • Bets: 71 (Won 34)
  • ROI -4.78%
  • Profit: -€163.25 (-3.26 units)
  • Average odds 2.08


Our UFC expert Rob finished off the Month in style at the weekend with a 3/3 clean sweep at UFC São Paolo which left him in a healthy profit for the Month and +102 (+€5,100) units since launching the package. November looks like another great Month for MMA, so we’re hoping to see this profit trend continue.

Month in review


  • Bets: 5 (4 won)
  • Profit +3.54 units (+€177)
  • ROI +27.23%



We launched our new Golf product last weekend and although results weren’t as big as we’d hoped they’d be, they did earn us a 10% return. Golf promises to be our most exciting project to date with the model yielding close to 50% ROI over the previous 2 years of testing.

Month in review


  • Bets: 20 (3 won)
  • Profit: +2 units (€100)
  • ROI +10%
  • Average odds 7.73