Bookies restricting accounts

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Bookies restricting accounts

Recently one of our long -term clients got in touch regarding an account closure after a string of winning bets. We’re going to fill you in on how bookmakers operate with regards to restricting/Closing accounts.

Why are Bookies Restricting accounts?

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that bookmakers will limit the amount you can bet from time to time. This can come in the form of a message on your betslip saying ‘Max stake exceeded’ or just getting your account closed on commercial grounds by the bookmaker.


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What Bookmakers don’t like

First off if a Bookie suspects you’re arbing (and they do know) they will limit your account so you can only bet pittance or they will just close your Sportsbook.

If you a successful punter and you show signs of not following the usual “herd mentality” you might be labeled as a “smart” punter and they may apply limits to the amount you bet depending on how heavy you stake, you’re total P/L, bet types, and odds range will be considered before the account gets restricted.

Sometimes bookmakers also make mistakes with their odds, if you’re a customer that is constantly jumping on these prices it may be “Red Flag” against you and could lead to your account getting restricted.

Are you a sharp in-play bettor? well some bookmakers will even increase the in-play countdown timer to give you even less of an advantage.

But this isn’t fair!

Guess what… Bookmakers do not care, they’re running a business and if someone is consistently taking money from them they’re not going to keep them on their books. From a business standpoint, it’s hard to argue with the logic.

All bookmakers will have written in their terms and conditions – “we reserve the right to close/limit your account at anytime”

Another thing you may not know is that some Bookmakers will communicate with each other about clients who are “beating” them consistently. So even if you open a new with a new bookmaker there’s always a chance you might be restricted straight away or after just one or two bets.

What we do to prevent this?

Well if you’re being told your bets are restricted there’s not much you can do. Just try to have as many accounts with bookies/exchanges as you possibly can. And if you’re in a position to, get family members or partners to open accounts for you (in their name) then do so.

If you can get the best price with more than one bookmaker then spread your stake across multiple bookies rather than lumping all of it on with one firm.

Which Bookmakers are more likely to restrict me?

Unfortunately bookmakers don’t release this kind of information to the public, but from personal experience, I know that Paddy Power, Bet365, Bet Victor, Coral and a lot of smaller players can be quick to restrict. even after a lucky winning streak.



If you’re getting restricted with multiple bookmakers you can take solace in the fact that you must be doing something right… even if it can get frustrating. If you haven’t done so already get signed up with Betfair Exchange, Matchbook, Betdaq, and Pinnacle. You won’t be restricted on there.


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